Fuck I look Like


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I love this video. Sure she curses, but that adds to the point she is trying to make. It’s annoying to be surrounded by people and just because you’re black they act like it’s impossible for you to have a vocabulary. Speak proper english and they ask “Why you act white?” I hate it. This video actually made me cry. It’s sad that people act like “Intelligence is a white trait.”

Strutting Stupid Hard


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Am I the only one who feels liberated and just so completely awesome in new clothes? I’m not a girly person. I don’t care for the make-up, and the heels and the skirts and the hair. I don’t dress up often. I love to save my new clothes for the right occasions. I rather chill in some jeans, sweats, and t-shirts than to parade around in fragile, expensive fabric. HOWEVER, when I do get to unleash the girly I am a complete fool in my house or around anyone I’m comfortable with.  Pretty much, I’m a little like this. I highly doubt that I am the only one. Or at least, I hope I’m not.


Just Words

Everyone has an opinion. Sometimes they are really good opinions. On my island, everyone loves voicing their opinions, whether it is about WAPA and their need to shut off all lights because a bucket of water toppled over outside, or about the Governor and his fancy new cars/gate/house when people haven’t received their tax checks, or even about the government system in general that finds fixing bird houses more important than, oh, I don’t rebuilding schools, adding new homes, clearing out land to make room for new business and of course employment. Let’s not forget the biggest issue about the constant violence and death that plagues the island (even though as of lately those who are harmed were the type of people involved in either gangs/ a past fight / bad company / trouble in general ) . Gas Prices are higher than the best and brightest’s GPA , and Hovensa is no longer going to be with us.

Yes, everyone has something to say, but no one is taking any action to make their wanted changes. If you want to see a change, you have to DO something. Talking about it isn’t going to magically fix the problem.

Words without Actions are just words.


Joys of FaceBook Name


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Sometimes, I acknowledge Twitter and their character limit on names. Facebook should do the same. I am not saying that you can’t name yourself whatever you want on Facebook. By all means, knock yourself out. But there should be some kind of discretion when doing so. For instance, if your name is 3 sentences long, don’t you think you may be over doing it a little? I saw one of my friends add someone, and if it were me, I would have denied the request simply because the name was ridiculous.

Bleedinlikeaslitwrist Mifamiliaovereverytingkrk Bell

Honestly, How many of you actually took the time out to read that name? and I’m sure if you did, it was because you wanted to know exactly what it said. But, after that one time, you know you will never read this long ass name again. I know I wouldn’t. And it’s not just the whole name, sometimes it is the middle name or Even the FIRST name -__- Hell it might be both..

Yolando IRepTheHoodAllDayEveryDayVIForLife Huggins

Sassynezz DasmyAttitude Armstrong

Really? Are you serious? I see some names that make me wonder if folks have Turrets with Facebook names. Or rather, Maybe the person is just the epitome of stupidity. My favorites are these. These are the ones that give me nightmares on a regular. The throw bleach in your eye kind of names.

Jadeya JoshuasWifeyForLife Jones

What the hell is a Wifey??? I know what a Wife is, but wifey? Sounds like a word a five year old made, during the times when they add the “Y” to everything.





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So, I haven’t written in my blog due to school and what not. Not school work persay, but the general aspect of college; ie Friends, Outings, (And some minor school work). I apologize to you my dearest readers and to my blog in general for this blatant example of negligence. Hopefully I write more, when I find some things to write about. My brain sucks right now anyways. Nothing to write about, nothing to even talk about. Dull, I know, but that’s how my life is right now. Dull. Paper towels can cut more than my life at this point.



Attitude? What Attitude?


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You know what grinds my gears? When you don’t have an attitude, and someone responds to you, saying that you have one, or telling you some stupid nonsense, and then when you DO get an attitude, they become even more upset.  The logic in that is lost on me. You know what also grinds my gears? When I DO have an attitude, and someone decides “Hey, let’s see how long we can push her buttons till she goes dungeon dragon on our behinds :]”. Then, they act like you’re the bad guy for picking the world up and dropping it on their heads. Yes, the song references are great because That was what I was listening to when I wrote this. Easy to tell what kind of mood I was in.

You know who are famous for these types of actions? Your friends and family. Somewhere in their train of thought, they figure “Hmm, well I’m a friend or family, so I’m immune to the verbal lashing.” No. No you are not. A sensible person would know, that if someone is in a bad mood, you don’t mess with them. Especially if that person is the type to lash out on others. I’m a usually pleasant type of gal, but when angered, NO ONE IS EXCLUDED FROM A VERBAL BEATDOWN. And I mean NO ONE. But, it is never without reason. If you get lashed at. It’s because you asked for it. If you see me oozing with anger, why would you come at me, knowing you are about to piss me off -__- . Really. If you know how the person is, why would you intentionally go at them? You’re asking for it. Don’t try to make it seem like the person is the bad guy. You, being the inconsiderate and stupid little twit that you are, walked head first into whatever lashing you get from that person.

But that’s just how I feel.





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I’m spending two weeks in Nevis, just to get a little break from the hubbub that is my home…Okay, truth, it’s a family get together and I am enjoying myself even though I have been being antisocial since I Got here. Anywho, I am surprised at the progress being made in nevis. It’s smaller than my own island, but they are on the move. I gotta say, when they get a mcdonalds and has less bush (because bush attracts insects and I Can’t take too many at one time) then I will consider moving here. Anyways, Won’t be doing much writing since I’m on break. Just have to let it be known. Oh! And look at this. This mountain is just beautiful!

YouTube. Home of the Ignorant Comment


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I was on youtube today watching Dave Chappelle because He is hilarious. Not always, but at most moments. Gotta love that Chappelle. I knew, from the minute I clicked on the video that it was going to be filled with controversy. Why? With a name like “Chivalry is dead” It was bound to happen. After the video was finished (which was just as funny as I thought it would be) I decided to scroll down into the comments section. I always do this. It’s like a routine. I do this because there is always at least one Ignorant and Insensitive baboon in there. I have to spot that person. And sure enough I did. Along with that, I found a bunch of others saying how “Women killed Chivalry”. And their reasons were that Women want to be independent and do not want the help of a man anymore.

That’s an awful stupid reason. If a woman does not want you to open the door for her, then don’t open the door for her. If she doesn’t want you to pay the bill at dinner, then leave her be. It’s really just that simple. Some women still enjoy that. But some are paranoid at the wants that a man expects after doing these things. Because let’s face it, there are some bastards out there that expect you to put out just because he paid for my five dollar Combo at Mcdonalds.

Anywho there was this douchebag. I won’t even give it a gender. Just know it is a douchebag. I say that women have the right to deny a man these things. It goes “What makes you think they deserve rights?” REALLY? Are you serious? So, I go “What makes you think they don’t?” And here is the retarded Comment I get in return, along with an attempt to be smart.

BlackShani “@ScarletVendetti
Just one fact:
ONLY men deserve rights because

Really? Only a douchebag would give this kind of response. But there you go. There is always atleast one douchebag on a video on Youtube, and they are never really bright ones either. Just a bunch of morons with nothing better to do than try to elicit a reaction out of others. Poor Foolish Douche.

The Roommate


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So we’ve all seen this movie. Oh? You haven’t? Girl goes to college, meets roommate, roommate turns out to be a psychopath, Rommate runs around killing people associated with girl in an attempt to gain friendship with girl. Roommate makes herself look exactly like the girl. Girl finally realizes that roommate is crazy, kills her, and decides she doesn’t want a roommate for a while. Yeah, that movie. Crazy stuff right? Well this is what brings me to today’s topic.

Fall semester begins soon, and since my sister is leaving me, and my close friends will not be living in the dorms, I am roommateless. For some unfathomable reason, the college I attend does not allow us to have single dorms (even though the choice is on the application). I assume this is because they either a) want more money or b)want as many people in the dorms as possible. Regardless, it’s stupid. So, I have no clue who my roommate is going to be. I have never been a people person. I can barely stand other females where I live because alot of them are petty, nosey, or you just can’t trust them. My ideal roommate has to understand what boundaries are, does not touch my crap, does not want to talk about everyone (because gossip bores me), and does not bring 15 thousand people into the room at once. Because if any of my stuff goes missing, SOMEONE is going missing as well. I don’t mind weird folks. I’m pretty strange myself. But if you’re diagnostic, schizophrenic, psychopath kind of strange. Then, it’s okay. But do that one your own time. I’d hate to have to toss someone out a window. But yes, I’m stuck without a roommate, and praying I get someone cool. Else I’ll have to make one of the beds go missing 🙂 I sure would love a single room anyways.

When you Love your Haters

Due To how the new Theme is, I figured it would be smarter to Center my posts than have them stretch across the page, desperately trying to reach the other side..But that’s not what this is about.

Logic is wasted on many folks. I spend atleast 3 hours of my life on facebook and on Twitter. Why? Boredum of course. Nothing better to do these days. What I find to be very interesting is how Many people go “Big up to all my haters” or some other form of acknowledgement towards people that hate them. I don’t understand the concept of this. These are also the same people that say they have no time for the “Haters”. If this was true, then why would you dedicate an entire status, or tweet, or even blog about them if you don’t care about them? It’s quite contradictory to me. I don’t know if I have any “haters” myself. Probably because I am not the type of person that looks for trouble. If I do, then..ok, so what? Who cares about your haters? (Well, obviously you do, despite what you say). I figure, if someone hates you, and you don’t care about them, then you would ignore them wouldn’t you? It only makes sense. But I have come to the conclusion that folks generally like attention and thus they need their haters. They love the fact that someone out there is actually giving them the attention they so desire and as such they have to let these people know that they like them. So, continue to say hello to your haters. Seems you just love them that much.